ATL Housewife's Hubby Leaves Her For New Baby Mama

The game has change.


Eric Snow and Deshawn Snow Getting Married

Swizz Beatz isn’t the only one leaving his wife.

A few months ago we told you that DeShawn Snow (an original castmember of the Atlanta “Housewives”) and husband Eric Snow (former NBA player) were divorcing. Read all about it here: Another Reality Show Couple Calls It Quits

However, now reasons are surfacing as to why the break-up happened in the first place.

FreddyOis saying that Eric is leaving his wife of 12 years for his baby mama (pictured below). A source claims that Eric has been having a premarital affair with a former Michigan State classmate, and that she is now pregnant with his child.


Snow filed for divorce on May 19th in an Atlanta Fulton County Courthouse with “no hope of reconciliation” and it has been reported that the couple will battle it out today in a Fulton County, Georgia courtroom.

And to think Bravo kicked her off…

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