Man Exposes Boy to AIDS


Man Exposes Boy to AIDS

This is a prime example why children need a place where they can be honest about their sexuality.  I believe the boy would not have  been open to the abuse of power had he had a support system.


Girlfriend-FM: Dr. Phyllis Gee Pt 3.

Interesting, much needed conversation.

Black America Web

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In her three-part series on fibroids, Deya gets direct with Dr. Gee about pregancy, drinking, vitamins and more!

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Antoine Dodson Has A Baby?


You mean to tell me eye-witness and flamboyantly gay kitchen beautician of the projects Antoine Dodson is father?  Hide your wife/kids is a daddy?  TMZ has this picture as proof, and he tweeted the good news on @antoinedodson24.  Sexuality is fluid, so he may love men the most while still loving women.  Congratulations, Antoine, you look happy.




Click the title above to watch Feminista Jones, one of my favorite bloggers, speak on the Arise series Exhale about feminism.